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   Our Mission:

   To promote amateur radio service as an enjoyable, education and service oriented hobby.

   To represent and to be a resource point for the members of the ARRL in the Atlantic Division.

   Atlantic Division Profile:

   The Atlantic Division is represented by the Division Director, who is assisted by the Vice Director.  The Division Director is the voting member of the ARRL board for the division.  The Division Director also appoints various Assistant Directors within the division who assist in various tasks.

   Within the Atlantic Division, there are seven sections.  Each section is managed by a Section Manager.  The sections are: Delaware (DE), Eastern Pennsylvania (EPA), Maryland-DC (MDC), Northern New York (NNY), Southern New Jersey (SNJ), Western New York (WNY) and Western Pennsylvania (WPA).

Atlantic Division Director
   Tom Abernethy W3TOM
   PO Box 73
   Accokeek, MD  20607
  (301) 257-6225
   w3tom @
Atlantic Division Vice Director
  Bob Famiglio K3RF
  PO Box 9
  Media, PA  19063
  (610) 359-7300
  k3rf @

  • The Atlantic Division currently represents 13,796 ARRL members.
    • within 5 states
    • within 7 ARRL sections
  • The Atlantic Division is comprised of 226 ARRL Affiliated Clubs.
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